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Honesty - Integrity - Courage 

Stewardship - Hard Work - Resilience

My name is Ryan Hall, and it’s time we had representatives who put aside partisan power games and start listening to the American people.

I am running for Congress for the chance to listen to you and be a representative who brings our


Michigan values to Washington D.C.


I believe that government should do one thing above all else.



Sometimes that means getting out of the way


Sometimes that means providing support

In all cases it means protecting our constitutional rights and ensuring honest hard-working Americans have


the opportunity to improve life for themselves and their families.

Where I Stand On The Issues...


Medicare For All is the best way to provide all Americans with high quality, accessible healthcare.

In addition to raising health outcomes for millions in our country, this will lower costs while freeing businesses and entrepreneurs from the burden of providing healthcare for full time employees.

Farmers and the self employed will be able to focus on their businesses and families and not worry about secondary employment just for benefits

Social Security

By eliminating the contribution cap, we can ensure social security will survive and thrive for generations to come

With the contribution cap gone, we could even lower the rates paid by employees and employers, putting more money in working class paychecks and leaving employers more money to reinvest or pay as wages

All of this while expanding and securing a program which has kept millions out of poverty in their later years

Voting Rights

The United States of America is a constitutional representative democracy. In order o fulfill the ideals of this great nation we need civic participation from as many people as possible.

Many voices and many ideas make this grand experiment work. Rich or poor, brown or white all citizens must have an equal say at the ballot box, because a good idea is a good idea no matter where it comes from.

We need to work together to make voting accessible to as many people as possible and remove the massive amounts of money in our political system which enables the entitled elites to drown out the voices of  the American people.

College For All

The greatest thing we could do for the future of our nation is to support  education policies that enable ALL of tomorrow's leaders, innovators, and workers to get  the world class education they need to lead the future.

Our children and grandchildren  will pick up where we leave off and we need to set them up for success just like our forefathers did for us. 

We can't tell what the future holds, but if American traditions and trends continue technology, industry, and innovations will grow and grow, and we need to prepare our citizens to thrive in that future.


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